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4th, November





Manga, Semi-realistic

traditional and digital

Penguin-Mama Pengu:


Hi, my name is Pengu and my dream is to become a professional mangaka!


I am an enthusiastic graphic artist from germany and I love to draw Manga and semirealistic illustrations. I nearly spend 90 percent of my freetime with working on my artworks to become better and to recess my drawing skills.


Although I started drawing when I was thirteen years old, I had many creative breaks where I layed my pencils down and didn't draw for a long time.

At least I really started drawing in 2o12 with my first ACEO where I used my Copicmarker the first time.


Since 2o12 my drawing styles changed many time. Sometimes I drew semi-

realistic, sometimes manga and other styles. I tried to practice my skills in digital media and mixed traditional media like Copic, Aquarell and Colorpencils.


Until today I am still learning and I like to share my artworks to all of you who are interested in my artworks and the storys I am writing or drawing. I thank all of you who are supporting me on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and follow my artblog here on my homepage!

Traditional working surface

Digital working surface