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Hey Guys! 。◕‿◕。


You probably know that I'm not only drawing illustrations and I really like

to sketch and draw storys too. I like the japanese way of  drawing comics, so I decided to pick some of my projects and put them on this homepage for you, so you can read them online if you like.


I added a list of my manga for you which you can find in the section below.

There are some informations about the topics which can be useful for you

to check out wether the story is interesting for you.


(All the storys and the right to use them are belonging to me, so you mustn't

reupload them on other pages or use them to publish them otherwise!)


Genre:Fantasy-Action-Humor, Manga

Target-Group: Josei / Seinen

Topics: Friendship, Kemonomimi / Gijinka

Reading-Style: japanese

Language: German/English

Release: ongoing

Printversion? -PERHAPS-


Read it: http://www.antarctic-ocean.online/

or on: ANIMEXX 


Genre: Boys Love, Manga

Topics: Yaoi / BL / R18+

Reading-Style: japanese

Language: German/English

Release: June 2o17

Printversion? -YES- (german / english)



Genre: Boys Love, Manga

Topics: Romance, Love, Shonen-Ai/Yaoi

Reading-Style: japanese

Language: German/English




Release: May 2o15

Printversion? -YES- (german only)